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Ask Andy Guile at New Directions


Phone: 07960 888 001

Twitter: @askandyguile

Facebook: @askandyguile

Instagram:  @guileandy

About New Directions

The go to business coach for small business owners

Hi, My name is Andy Guile and I am the business Duck Herder!

Or if you prefer, the go to coach and trainer for small businesses.

Yes I am here to help you get your ducks in a row.

The term getting your ducks in a row is all about being in control, being organised and prepared for whatever life throws at you. Experience has shown me not everyone in business is in control and sometimes you just find yourself, really busy, but not getting the results you hoped for. Getting your ducks in a row helps you build the solid foundations for business growth. It gives you confidence, the skills and ability to succeed.

Together we will get you back to doing the basics really well, either through one to one coaching or team training and development the aim is the same, after working with me you will have more free time to spend with friends and family, but still earn the same or more money.

You will understand your ideal client and stop wasting time chasing the wrong people.

You will be more confident in your self and have a better understanding of how to deal with different personality types and be able to read peoples body language.

You will be a stronger more confident communicator, a better listener and a better person.

You will be able to set clear goals on a consistent basis, write effective to do lists, manage your time effectively and become a productive not busy person.

In all, Life will feel better, you will feel better and your family will appreciate the change.

My approach is personal, fun and flexible. And whilst I do have many set courses available, I am extremely adaptable, and I always customise my coaching and training around every individual clients’ needs.

So if you are ready to get your ducks in a row, get in touch.



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