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Centre of International Executive Education and Development (CiEED)


Phone:  01539 726 191 / 07796 695 259

About CiEED

The Centre of International Executive Education and Development (CIEED) team draws on years of experience gained both in the workplace (public, private and not-for-profit), as well as in the field of education, in developing a better understanding of how learning and development can make a greater impact, both for the individual and the organisation.

CIEED offers a unique range and blend of learning and development aimed at developing current and future leaders and managers as professionals and executives.

Whether you are an individual wanting to maximise your potential, an employer seeking to get the best out of your workforce, or an educational institution seeking to ensure your students are better prepared for the workplace and to achieve greater success in their careers, the CIEED is your ideal flexible partner, able to tailor a solution which best meets your needs.

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