Jonathan Cunningham MBE Speaker

Jonathan Cunningham MBE

2.30pm: Public Speaking – I would rather DIE! Time to become a relaxed public speaker

Eventbrite - Wirral and Chester Business Fair 2019

This workshop is designed for those who wish to develop their own communications skills and start on the road to becoming a relaxed and comfortable public speaker.

Jonathan will share some of the initial building blocks with some powerful tools and techniques.

If you have concerns or anxieties with public speaking then this is for you. RELAX – You will not be embarrassed or required to speak publicly!

About Jonathan Cunningham MBE

Jonathan Cunningham MBE is a decorated soldier and acclaimed keynote and motivational speaker. He has spoken internationally and now speaks on numerous topics including leadership, social care and business resilience.

His style is highly engaging and aims to entertain and connect emotionally with the audience. He is passionate about taking the audience on an inspirational journey.

He trains and coaches successful CEOs, MDs, COOs, board members/trustees and senior managers to become natural public speakers to deliver knockout awe inspiring presentations.