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The Co-operative Bank


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About The Co-operative Bank

We are The Co-operative Bank, an ethical bank that seeks to make a real difference for our customers and their communities. Founded on the co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equity, equality and solidarity, we’ve been pioneering this different way of banking for nearly 150 years.

We are the only UK bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy, which sets us apart from other banks. This is the key reason why people and organisations who share these values choose to bank with us. Our customers know their money won’t be used in ways that conflict with their beliefs and they also know that they’re supporting their local communities simply by being part of the bank.

Our unique banking approach welcomes many different types of SME businesses, whether a pioneering start-up, sole trader, a caring community-focused charity or forward-thinking co-operative or social enterprise. Everything we do is part of a common purpose, that’s why our Customer Donation Fund has provided £937,000 to help support 1,072 community projects since 2003. And why we’ve committed £1.7m in funding to The Hive, which provides expert support and advice to co-operative businesses across the UK.

We believe in supporting the UK’s social economy by providing our business customers with competitive products, and products they expect from a bank which reflects the values and ethics that we and our customers believe in. To find out more search Co-operative Bank Business.


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